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Conor Daly Heads to Spain to Test World Series Renault

Oct 19, 2012


bCallcap driver Conor Daly will be evaluated by the current World Series Renault championship leading team, Tech1, at the upcoming series test on Octoer 24th in Barcelona, Spain. The WSR series will conduct a two-day test after the final rounds of the championship that take place this weekend at Circuit de Catalunya. Daly will spend the prior week with the team between their base in France and trackside with them for the final races.

It will be Daly's first taste of what is believed to be the fastest junior development car in Europe. The WSR championship draws large crowds all across Europe with races in locations such as Monte Carlo and Moscow, Russia. The 3.4L V8 engine produces 530 HP and is matched to a sophisticated aerodynamic package that includes a Formula One style Drag Reduction System rear rear wing (DRS).

"I am very much looking forward to the test because of what people have already told me about the car and how well it performs," said Daly. "In Hungary recently it was considerably faster than the GP2 car so it has to be mighty impressive to drive. I like the Barcelona circuit so its probably as good a place as any for me to learn a new car."

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