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Conor Daly Recognizes 2012 GP3 Sponsors

Apr 23, 2012

Today Conor Daly recognized his supporting sponsors for the 2012 GP3 season, including Callcap. Throughout the upcoming season, where his primary program will be the European based Formula One support series, GP3, Conor will have continuing support from Callcap, as well as Merchant Services LTD, The College Network, and Tom Lange Company International. Callcap has supported Conor for multiple years and will continue to support the initiative of developing him as a race car driver at the highest levels.

"Without the type of support that I have had throughout my career I simply would not be where I am today. It's an incredible amount of work to keep developing existing and new relationships and I try as hard as I can to repay them with good results. This is a critical year for me and I am thankful that I have such a good team of supporters behind me."

-Conor Daly

GP3 is a Formula 1 support series with all races taking place during rounds of the European Formula 1 events, including Monaco. The full race schedule is as follows:

May 11 - 13 - Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain

May 24 - 26 - Circuit de Monaco, Monaco

June 22 - 24 - Valencia Street Circuit, Valencia, Spain

July 6 - 8 - Silverstone, Great Britain

July 20 - 22 - Hockenheimring, Germany

July 27 - 29 - Hungaroring, Hungary

August 31 - Sept 2 - Circuit de Spa, Francorchamps, Belgium

Sept. 7 - 9 - Autodromo Nazionale, Monza, Italy


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