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"Team Daly" Joins

Apr 19, 2012

It was announced this week that Callcap driver Conor Daly and his father, former Formula 1 and Indycar driver Derek Daly, have officially joined as contributing editors for the 2012 season. is the largest independent F1 blog in America, with over 1.5 million page views per month, 60,000 unique IP’s per month, 30,000 podcast downloads per month, and the largest F1 chat on Twitter.

Derek Daly will report from many of the world's great Formula 1 circuits to provide a behind the scenes look and feel of the world's largest watched sport. He will have access to the stars of Formula 1 and Indycar, and will continue to provide his unique perspective on the sport that he has been immersed in most of his life.

"I will spend quite a bit of time in the F1 paddocks this year and I will enjoy trying to take people behind the curtain. Sharing what happens within the paddocks of the world's biggest motorsports events will be a kick for me", said Derek.

Conor will fly the American flag in one of the most competitive junior racing environments in the world, GP3. GP3 is a Formula 1 support series, with all races taking place during rounds of the European Formula 1 events. Conor will report right from the cockpit of the Lotus GP team wherever he travels around the globe.

"If I am to succeed in this sport, I will need a lot of support and F1blog is the next step to growing that support and developing the Conor Daly "brand". If we measure commercial success by the number of Twitter followers a driver might have then I will be selfish and say that I want all F1blog Twitter followers to also follow me. I am a rabid tweeter and will report from all corners of the world. Read my blogs and follow my life and we will all have fun together", said Conor.


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