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The Call Center Advantage

May 2, 2012

In the “Age of the Smartphone App”, some people have made foggy predictions that online customer interaction tools will decrease the need for customer service call centers. This article explains why the call center is far from dead, and in fact, is continuing to find new and innovative ways to become even more effective. Call centers continue to have the advantage as a customer service tool based on their reach, cost, and functionality.

Callcap is the ultimate tool for call center management. Agent names are tagged to each call record, and reports are available that provide agent call volumes and booking percentages. Additionally, negative call notifications can be sent via email within moments of missed sales opportunities, allowing for a chance to save lost revenue by returning calls and overcoming customer sales objections.

Does your business currently utilize a call center, or are you considering bringing one on to help manage your customers? Contact our Business Development team today to find out how Callcap can help maximize your call center effectiveness. 877-547-5577


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